The 7 best videos on science communication

[This article has been auto-translated from our Dutch blog]

We are regularly asked why science communication is actually necessary. More and more subsidians make the ‘communication’ component compulsory within a scientific application. However, not all scientists are intrinsically convinced that it is useful – let alone necessary – to make their research more visible and understandable to the outside world. That’s why we put together a top-7 of the best videos that address the usefulness and necessity of science communication. 

The Science of Science Communication

Concise, beautifully designed animation in which the importance of science communication is briefly and powerfully explained.
Source: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Science Communication: It’s No Joke!

How groundbreaking scientific research changed the world, or not because of (a lack of) effective communication. Video by Jayde Lovell and Bec Susan Gill with wink and a solid core of truth.
Source: Did Someone Say Science?.

The Science of Science Communication — Full Session

This seminar will address the latest insights behind effective science communication, especially focused on the means of video content. How can you make specific audiences curious about your research using video content? And what are useful tips for creating audience-oriented content?
Source: Jackson Wild/National Science Foundation.

Greg Foot’s tips for a good science communication

British scientist and communicator Greg Foot talks enthusiastically about science communication. He gives concrete, practical tips to scientists from 3:08.
Source: AXA ResearchFundL


Communicating science | Sheril Kirshenbaum | TEDxCongressAve

Scientist and communication practice expert Sheril t alks about the image of science and utility / necessity of science communication and PR in a TEDx session.
As of 10.55: why is it important for scientists to interest and involve the public in their research?
By: TEDx Tal


Wegweiser der Wissenschaftskommunikation (German)

Clear explanation (in German) with tips from a specialist from a German agency on how to tackle science communication logically and systematically.
By: NaWikDeutschland

A Practical Guide to Science Communication

Seminar on science communication in neuroscience. Scientists and communication specialists from various (American) universities will speak. They give advice and tips and interact with the (neuro)scientists from the public.
Duration: 54:04
Video page:

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Blogging for Scientists: The Ultimate Guide

Through your own blog you can reach and inform the outside world as a scientist, consortium or spin-off. Think of news and insights about research, field or organization. Such a blog can be an incredibly useful platform to achieve your communication goals. Unfortunately, many good intentions are stranded prematurely. This guide helps you to make the chance of a successful, effective (science) blog as great as possible.

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