Let’s get to know: welcome to Consortius science communication.

[This article has been auto-translated from our Dutch blog]

Welcome to consortius’ blog! We will regularly share news, insights, tips and backgrounds on science communication with anyone interested in science communication and related matters. In this very first blog article we would like to introduce ourselves.

We are consortius, the communication service dedicated to scientific clients, working in the Netherlands or Belgium:

  • Scientists and consortia
  • Science spin-offs
  • Scientific institutes
  • Science support organizations


We have been working for many academic organisations in the Netherlands since 2011, until recently under the name WYZYN COMMUNICATIE. Because WYZYN COMMUNICATIE was welcoming more and more customers from the scientific field, we decided it was time for a  communication service, especially for scientists. Consortius is specifically aimed at making scientific research visible, findable and more understandable.

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Especially for scientists

In terms of services, value for money and customer friendliness, not much will change for the customers who were used to WYZYN COMMUNICATION. However, with Consortius we focus specifically on science and tailor our way of working, service and possibilities accordingly. For example, every scientist at Consortius can request a free consultation in which we give (absolutely without obligation) tips and advice on effective communication around application, research or scientific spin-off / start-up. Interested? Book your consultation right away, click here.

Working together effectively

In addition, we ensure that our way of working is even more in line with scientific reality. We do this by using a flexible shell of professionals and by effectively working together remotely. Consortius is able to find the balance between communication effectiveness and communication budget like no other. Read all about what Consortius stands for and what we do here.


The birth of Consortius does not mean the end of WYZYN COMMUNICATIE. WYZYN COMMUNICATIE continues to exist as a broadly oriented communication agency for creative (online) concepts and content marketing, with Consortius as a specialized sister. Our scientific and science-supporting clients move to Consortius.

We’re calling!

From now on we are going to fill this blog with interesting / knowable / remarkable / funny / useful pieces about science in combination with communication. So feel free to come back. We trust that with Consortius we can add many scientists and scientific organizations to our list of satisfied clients.

Questions? Contact us via info@consortius.nl or book a telephone consultation on this page.

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