Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW) awards 91 grants for distinctive science communication

Subsidies wetenschapscommunicatie KNAW

[This article has been auto-translated from our Dutch blog] The KNAW (Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences) rewards 91 Dutch scientific research teams with a financial appreciation of ten thousand euros for their useful, distinguishing and structural contribution to science communication. The KNAW is also awarding a prize to a number of Dutch scientific research teams. […]

Why the CAPACITY study website has been so effective.

2020 10 08 CAPACITY Covid 19 metro 2

March 2020. The coronavirus has plunged into chaos and uncertainty in the (medical) world. The newly established CAPACITY consortium is eagerly looking for medical centres that want to participate in its COVID-19 study. CAPACITY calls on Consortius for effective online communication. Six months later, the mission turns out to be a success.

5 reasons for scientists to use animated videos for their communication.

Animation video science communication

Most scientists don't immediately think of an animated video if they want to make their project or study visible to the outside world. Nevertheless, an animated video can lend itself to effective science communication, especially if you want to explain a specialized scientific subject in an attractive and concise way. Five good reasons to use an 'explanimation'.